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Bonnie Hunt Poem

April 2010
I wrote the poem above, "Wind Rider", for 'all women', many years ago. I dedicate this version to the actress and comedienne Bonnie Hunt. I usually change the references to hair and skin color when it is intended for a specific person, as in this case, where it very aptly, and adeptly, if I may, describes Bonnie. And even it doesn't really do her justice.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but it is also so much more than physical beauty. Not that Bonnie has any problems at all in that area, the opposite is true, but, no matter what a woman looks like, it is her internal beauty that shines through that makes her a truly beautiful woman. (it's the same with any person) And that is particularly where Bonnie shines. However, it is definitely a package deal. She's very lucky in that sense, as is any guy who gets to be with her, I'm sure.

Beyond her beauty, and partly as part of it, she is probably, easily, the funniest woman in the world. There are a few others who come close. Like, as merely one shining example, Kathy Griffin. But they have very different styles of humor, so it is kind of like comparing Apples and Oranges. (with Kathy being quite beautiful, as well) I watch Bonnie in awe as she performs in all of the things she does. (usually while I'm laughing out loud throughout, or at the very least smiling, internally if not externally) And wish I had a sense of humor that good. That I could be as quick, and sharp, and funny. (of course, she has honed her skills over time and is a consumate professional with talent that is overpoweringly evident)

One thing I always wonder about is, "Can it be possible that Bonnie is truly as nice a person as she seems to be?" Sometimes it seems to verge on the impossible. I know she is not only a top notch comedian, but also an exemplary actress. So I do wonder from time to time if she's just putting on an act, and doing it so well, that it seems seemless and real. I have a sneaking suspicion that it really isn't an act, though. (and I 'secretly' hope that she is as real as she seems to be, when she's "on", while doing her talk show, or as a guest on other talks shows, and the few other times she has appeared and it was telecast and I had the pleasure of seeing her in a more natural setting, where more of her true self is coming through)

She is only human, with all that that entails, but I do reserve the right to view her as "perfect", and place her upon the pedestal she deserves. (if she even comes close to being the kind of person she seems to be, it's rather awesome)

Bonnie has told the following anecdote many times, sometimes better than others, depending on the venue. I have a couple of links to online videos below, where she tells versions of it, but I can't find any that I've seen that are more complete (as I remember it, anyway, although I freely admit that I may be exaggerating it a little in my mind's eye and memory), so I'll give my version textually, and try to do it justice.

When Bonnie was younger, her family didn't have a lot of money. So, for Christmas, each year the four girls took turns choosing what present they got, and would then have to share it. One year, when it was Bonnie's turn to choose (age about 10?), she chose a Barbie Dreamhouse. (which her older sisters had to accept, but weren't thrilled about) It was a carry-around case with a handle, and one of the sides folded down to show a kitchen for Barbie. A few months after Christmas, Bonnie was running over to her friend's house to play, carrying the Barbie Dreamhouse, and she dropped it on the sidewalk. Which was a horror, because it popped open, not only the side that was supposed to open to show the kitchen, but also the other side, so she thought she broke it. But when she looked at it (nearly in tears), the other side of the case was also supposed to open and contained a living room, which she didn't know about. It was like Christmas all over again.

I remember the first time I heard her tell that anecdote, years ago (probably the 1990's) on the Late Show (or Late Night) with David Letterman.
I fell in love with her a little bit that night.
(we were relatively poor-ish when I was younger, although usually not to that degree, so I can relate a little)

I remember thinking, "What lucky guy gets to be with her?" She was married at the time, but has since divorced. She jokes on her daytime talk show about how she can't get a date and that sort of thing, but I would bet that's a running gag. I find that very hard to believe.

You can view a short version of the above anecdote on an appearance of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, toward the end of the interview.
Here is another, longer version from Late Night with Conan O'Brien in 2005:
Bonnie Hunt Xmas Interview

Thanks for all the laughs Bonnie. When I think of you, I always smile, and sometimes laugh out loud, thinking about one of your jokes, or funny comments, or anecdotes, the small stories about your life that you share, or an appearance you made that I was lucky enough to see.

My life is richer because you exist. (as are the lives of so many others) You will never be fully appreciated for what you have brought the world in all of the many ways you have made it better. (keep up the good work, and thank you)


Below are some of my favorite images of Bonnie. In no particular order, although some are favorites among favorites. I don't mean to violate anyone's copyright, I'm just sharing beautiful, wonderful photos.


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Wind Rider The Wind is in Her name Shimmering across prairies Singing through The Wind provides Rustling Autumn leaves Performing forest symphonies As she does I A vision For at first glimpse of Her countenance Eyes to pierce, and please, Hair of sunshine whispered breath I knew the meaning of Forever Lush tropical lips With snowcapped crimson loveliness Alabaster skin A sigh And the rest... Ivory mount's of delicate bliss She rides the Wind Lifting them up on high Slender simplicity None so much as I But none Dancing through the hearts of men pale exquisite wine tornado passion in elfin disarray under Moonlit spaceous sky the boughs of trees majestic Her sustenance in tender statuesque repose and melt, and tease, and... that mocks the finest porcelain in ballerina motion