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The Pumpkin

Happy Halloween 2017

Late because I forgot to do this.

Submission for the 2017 CN&R Fiction-59 writing contest in Chico, CA.
It’s not easy to write a GOOD 59-word story.

Ghost Whisperer

I have to admit I wouldn’t mind being the Ghost Writer for this book.

Will the extreme “humor” NEVER end???

Fewer tears never will have been shed and more parties never thrown.

#JFC #fml #MakeAmericaAMERICAagain

The Modern Internet in 1946

A Logic Named Joe by Murray Leinster, a short story (and the title of an anthology edited by author Eric Flint), comes eerily close to describing the modern Internet of today.

The story was written circa 1946 and first published in Astounding in March 1946, under Leinster’s real name of Will F. Jenkins.

Now deceased, the book is a compilation of some of Leinster-Jenkin’s writing from his estate. This story is provided online with enough information to order the book. It is available in e-book format.

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