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The Modern Internet in 1946

A Logic Named Joe by Murray Leinster, a short story (and the title of an anthology edited by author Eric Flint), comes eerily close to describing the modern Internet of today.

The story was written circa 1946 and first published in Astounding in March 1946, under Leinster’s real name of Will F. Jenkins.

Now deceased, the book is a compilation of some of Leinster-Jenkin’s writing from his estate. This story is provided online with enough information to order the book. It is available in e-book format.

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‘Star Wars’ – It Comes Down To THIS

If you are a “Star Wars” fan, especially a psycho-fan (which is something like 95% of them), you deserve what you get.

#1) #GTFU (it is WAY past time)

#2) NONE of the ‘stars’ of “Star Wars” can or could act their way out of a wet paper bag to save their lives. (then and now-a-days) Even Harrison Ford, and especially not now. All Ford had to be was Harrison Ford, and that was more than good enough. (especially in his later films) But that has paled quite a bit now that he has gotten older and lost whatever it was (confidence?) that made him a Movie Star (NOT an ‘actor’). I didn’t even care that he was killed off in the last film. Poor Carrie Fisher’s (#RIP) performance in the last film was actually cringe-worthy and SAD. The whole movie was kind of “icky” and should never have been made. It was basically unfortunate CRAP.

#3) STOP going to see movies multiple times FTLOG! ALL you are doing is lining the pockets of the owners of the FRANCHISE (remember when that word had an icky connotation to it?) And NONE of them, “Star Wars”, or others, are THAT good. NOT – EVEN – CLOSE. (are you people brain-dead, or WHAT? — can’t you watch a movie ONCE and remember WTF happened?? – also, in the not-too-distant future, they will most likely discover that watching shows over and over and over again is NOT good for your mental health – if they haven’t done studies on that already)

#4) #JFC (will it NEVER end??? — I think we know the answer to that – when they no longer make (enough) money, and/or sell toys, etc.)

Honest ‘Force Awakens’ trailer reminds us how much George Lucas ruined ‘Star Wars’

Black Thought of the Day #13