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Happy 9/11 Anniversary

Or, actually, Happy 9/11 Truth and Justice Movement Day.

(for those who are of lesser brainpower and/or awareness, and/or greater ignorance and asininity and the like, it should always be assumed that ‘Happy’ should be in quotes, and that anyone who would say such a thing is being facetious, at least, and bitter in a jaded way, at best)

It’s hard to believe it’s been 16 years. Or, as any 9/11 Truth and Justice Movement activist worth their salt would say, ‘Sixteen Fucking Years!’ (which is 7 years past what I referred to as the Fabled 10-Year Anniversary – one day we will hopefully finally accept the Oh-So-Important Reality of “Always Vigilant, Never Again“)

And for me, personally, about 13 years of 9/11 Truth & Justice Movement activism (+/-). Also hard to believe. It took me a few+ years to jump on the bandwagon, because I don’t accept these things easily or take them lightly. So I kept an eye on the “conspiracy theories” and all that over the years, but, finally, had to accept the most probable truth of the matter. (my breaking point was then I finally saw the Word Trade Center 7 obvious explosive controlled demolition video (see below), where is falls at freefall acceleration into its own footprint, which I couldn’t believe had taken me about 4 years to ‘discover’, which wasn’t entirely my fault – also hard to believe so many people have still not seen that video at this late date – boggles the mind a bit)

I didn’t want to believe, but I had no choice in the matter. And I was really pissed off when I did, not only because of what probably occurred, but about how much I knew it was going to affect my life, because I was going to have to try to do something about it. Which, like all of my other activism over the years, I knew was going to take a lot of time, money, energy, resources, work, and activism. And I didn’t even imagine how bad it was going to end up being. Or the unfortunate ultimate negative health affects I would suffer, as if I wasn’t sick enough as it was at the outset. In hindsight, I probably should have ‘let it go’, and let others do what needed to be done, or at least walked away sooner, but it was important, so I persevered as best as I could. And paid a high price.

I’ve retired from the Movement, proper, these last several years now, after more activism in that regard than most other people (99%+), especially in the early years. I did a lot of good and important work over the years, initially with Chico 9/11 Truth, and eventually Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth. I was a founding member, at the very least, and  was basically a ‘major contributor’ and helped AE911Truth become what it was and is today. And am proud to have worked with people like Richard Gage, and others. We did good. And some of them are still carrying the torch, trying to bring some much-needed light to the darkness that continues to shroud us all. (America, Americans, and the World)

I still support the 911T&JM as much as I can. But had to move on to the Anti-GeoEngineering Movement (mostly via Chico Sky Watch), because, as important as the 911T&JM was, the AGEM was even more important, and immediate. (because if ‘we’ are not here, then none of the other stuff matters – yes, it really and truly is that bad) And after several years doing that, or trying to, with my ever-decreasing levels of health, I have finally more or less retired from that Movement, as well. I didn’t really want to, but I can only do so much these days, and I am trying to preserve as much of my health, as ill as it is, to live a more or less minimally decent life these last however many years I have left.

I do miss it all, though, and wish those still Fighting the Good Fight well. And luck. And thanks.

Kendall Jenner: ‘It Feels Like My Life Is Over’

Kendall Jenner Breaks Silence On Pepsi Ad: ‘It Feels Like My Life Is Over’

She is worth around $18 Million.

Yeah, cry a river all the way to the bank, you vapid, inane, ignorant, worthless, 2% psycho-bwitch.


Could Trump Try to Pardon… Everyone?

Try it… and see what happens…


Donald Trump is a Traitor

…To his kind, to America & all Americans,
and to the Constitution of the United States of America.

He should be tried in a court of law, found guilty, impeached,
removed from office, jailed, and then executed for his crimes.

The Legal, Lawful Punishment for Treason is Death.

I am against Capital Punishment, except in this ONE, specific instance.

Black Thought of the Day #12


Urban Homeless Problems: The Final Solution

In the spirit of a humane solution to an age-old problem, to solve this ongoing issue of Hobos taking over our city parks and sidewalks and business entrances (and what next?), I would like to proffer a proposed course of action with which I think everyone can get on board. This is particularly important with the ongoing Climate Change issues and less severe, milder winters we are experiencing, causing a reduction in seasonal transient migration to warmer climes, as well as milder summers in other areas.

To wit: The Citizens of our cities should be armed with “Hobo Guns”.

These pump-action or semi-automatic, brightly colored and festively adorned, low-powered air guns would shoot soft foam projectiles called TERDs (Transient Eradication Relocation Darts). TERDs would be colored brown so as to better fade into the background after employment and deployment, and made of non-toxic, biodegradable materials, of course. (a firmer foam dart can be made available to those with a less compassionate and empathetic proclivity, and desire to speed up the process)

A barrage of TERDs on a Hobo by a group of citizenry will surely be a gentle, but firm, suggestion that they relocate to other areas beyond your city. These will be referred to as “Nudgings”. Those citizens willing and able to take up arms against this Sea of Troubles shall be referred to as “Cleaners”. Perhaps these Nudgings can be accompanied by cheers of “Out, Damned Spot!”

After what can only be envisioned as a short period of time, all Hobos within your greater urban area will be non-existent and the proposed Action Plan will be proclaimed a resounding success.

I suggest the official name of this program be “HEP-CATS” (Hobo Eradication Program — Compassionate Anti-Transient System).

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Racist Is As Racist Does

What a BULLSHIT stance by Don Lemon, which actually doesn’t surprise me.
Is he REALLY _THAT_ person now?? (actually, he has been for quite some time)
I don’t understand why MM didn’t elaborate on his comment.

This is what he SHOULD have said:

If you hold down a woman and help a man rape her, YOU ARE A RAPIST.

If you hold down a MAN and help a man rape him, YOU ARE A RAPIST.

If you hold someone and let someone else beat them badly, YOU ARE A CRIMINAL.

If you hold someone and let someone else beat them to DEATH, YOU ARE A MURDERER.

If you light a Molotov Cocktail and someone ELSE throws it and a structure is burned down, YOU ARE AN ARSONIST.

If you support a sexist person, YOU ARE A SEXIST PERSON.

If you (still) support a racist, YOU ARE A RACIST.

This is NOT brain science or rocket surgery.

This should be common sense and obvious to the point of being self-evident.

And SHAME on anyone who thinks, believes, speaks, or acts differently.

An Openish Letter To Michael Moore

This is in ‘reply’ to MM’s ridiculous (seemingly increasingly undistinguished) content and message via his e-mail / blog post (?) saying that if ‘they’ released (or leaked) the photos of the children who were killed at Sandy Hook, that that would cause ‘something to be done’, because of how horrific they would be.


If you can’t win your argument by intelligence, rationality, and logic, then do the next best thing: pander to people’s emotions, knee-jerk reactions, and mental weaknesses?

WADR, you are becoming increasingly irrational about your gun issues.

It’s unfortunate. There are much more, and many more, important things to think about and work on than this.

Of course, this issue is an “easy issue”. (for some; most of whom are irrational, illogical, etc., thinkers, believers, and behavers)

That’s not what we expect from you.

Sandy Hook was an ABERRATION!!

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