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Take me to yo… No!

Grumpy Alien


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trump is A Coward Terrorist!

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#MuellerInvestigation #MuellerTime #Mueller #TREASON #traitor #AmericanHorrorStory
#MentalIllness #Narcissist #narcissism #FOOL #JOKE #SAD #IDIOT #embarrassment #USA



American Horror Story

Like sands through the hourglass…


Keith Olbermann is FINISHED… DONE… OUT

Maybe it doesn’t matter. But it probably does. (“interesting” that his exit comes shortly after his book was announced)

We like to think that trump is finished, but that needs to be seen and experienced to be believed.

If trump hadn’t gotten this far, and if things hadn’t gotten this bad, I would be more likely to believe it is possible.

And KO finished by stealing my line, “Make America AMERICA Again”.

#MakeAmericaAMERICAagain #MAAA


BOOM Goes the Nucular Dynomite

War, and Nuclear War, in the Age of trump. (or even Nucular War)

SO strange to see and hear people talk about the “unstable mental status” of the “President” of the United States. We didn’t even talk about Reagan or Bush43 like this. That should be a CLUE for the Clueless, but they are clueless, so….

But, don’t worry (Be Happy!), the Young People of Today will eventually get up off their lazy, apathetic, pathetic, inane, glib, vapid, good-for-nothing asses and do something about this any time now. Really they will. It’s their World, after all. So I’m sure they will denounce and shed their extreme self-destructive and self-interested and self-absorbed and self-entitled tendencies any day now. Wait and see. (but don’t hold your breath)

The Duty to Disobey a Nuclear Launch Order by Marjorie Cohn

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The End Draws Nigher and Nigher

It’s nice to know that others are finally speaking out frankly and vociferously, and trying to do something, and seeing the situation for how bad it truly is. There is actually true insanity involved in this situation. That has become very clear. trump is A Clear and Present Danger to the United States of America, or as it has become, and will continue to become, UNamerica.

Psychologist John Gartner: Why the Mueller probe makes Trump dangerous

The co-founder of Duty to Warn says “there is an 80 percent chance [Trump is] going to push that nuclear button”

Why the Mueller probe makes Trump dangerous

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Sick and Tired

I am seriously getting SICK and TIRED of this BULLSHIT.

When will ENOUGH be ENOUGH?!?

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Our Scumbag “President”

Proving yet again that he is a worthless piece of shit trash scumbag asshole low-life fuckwad, trump has reversed the ban on allowing elephant hunt trophies from being brought into the U.S. from Zimbabwe.

Probably in part due to, or possibly specifically because of, his violent, scum-hunting kids. I can’t wait for them all to die and burn in everlasting eternal damnation, screaming blood from all of their orifices and being ass-raped with a barbwire dildo by the Big Guy Himself on an hourly basis. If there is truly any justice in the world, that will be their future. Every single one of them, and everyone who voted for trump and still supports him, as well. Make it so!

Trophies from elephant hunts in Zimbabwe were banned in the U.S. Trump just reversed that.

Remembering Bleak Tuesday

Tomorrow, November 8, 2017, a Wednesday instead of a Tuesday, is the One Year Anniversary of Bleak Tuesday.

Day-by-day, it all just gets worse and worse. And then gets worse and worse. And then when you think it can’t possibly get any worse, it gets worse. And worse and worse….

“This Much Concentrated Sadness Is Claustrophobic.” — How perfectly goddamned delightful it all is, to be sure.