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A Billboard for UnAmerica

It is important to support all businesses that are anti-trump, and refuse to do business with businesses that support trump.

Local billboard lasts less than a day in Chico, California.

I will go there and buy something even if they don’t have anything I want or need.

We do not live in America anymore, we live in UnAmerica. — MAAA = Make America America Again!

King trump XVI

Breaking News: trump and his Regime are “Depraved”

After tossing pieces of cheap cake to the destitute residents of Puerto Rico, interest in blade sharpening and enrollment in blade sharpening classes by true patriots escalated across the land once known as America.

The Alone Ranger

“Politically Incorrect”, but satire and parody get a pass, right?

‘Sheriff’ Joe Arpaio

Every day this disgusting, disgraceful, worthless scumbag of a fuck of a sub-human being walks the Earth boggles the mind.

Curiouser and curiouser.

(I suppose a valid question would be which one of these nasty gross-fuck-wads I’m talking about, if not both)

Sprog Alert!

This guy is pretty funny. There is nothing funnier than hating on little brats.

Children are like littering and polluting of the world. Especially these daze. Toxic pollution, at best.

They are kind of cute when they are little and not yours, but very few of them.

Note: sprog, n., s., from sproggen; often derogatory: child, kid, baby, infant, etc…

SOUND ALERT! (learn to do decent audio for chrissakes)


What, me worry?

Worry is like interest paid in advance on a debt that never comes due. — David Mamet, The Spanish Prisoner

Although, there are some people who should definitely be worried.

Urban Homeless Problems: The Final Solution

In the spirit of a humane solution to an age-old problem, to solve this ongoing issue of Hobos taking over our city parks and sidewalks and business entrances (and what next?), I would like to proffer a proposed course of action with which I think everyone can get on board. This is particularly important with the ongoing Climate Change issues and less severe, milder winters we are experiencing, causing a reduction in seasonal transient migration to warmer climes, as well as milder summers in other areas.

To wit: The Citizens of our cities should be armed with “Hobo Guns”.

These pump-action or semi-automatic, brightly colored and festively adorned, low-powered air guns would shoot soft foam projectiles called TERDs (Transient Eradication Relocation Darts). TERDs would be colored brown so as to better fade into the background after employment and deployment, and made of non-toxic, biodegradable materials, of course. (a firmer foam dart can be made available to those with a less compassionate and empathetic proclivity, and desire to speed up the process)

A barrage of TERDs on a Hobo by a group of citizenry will surely be a gentle, but firm, suggestion that they relocate to other areas beyond your city. These will be referred to as “Nudgings”. Those citizens willing and able to take up arms against this Sea of Troubles shall be referred to as “Cleaners”. Perhaps these Nudgings can be accompanied by cheers of “Out, Damned Spot!”

After what can only be envisioned as a short period of time, all Hobos within your greater urban area will be non-existent and the proposed Action Plan will be proclaimed a resounding success.

I suggest the official name of this program be “HEP-CATS” (Hobo Eradication Program — Compassionate Anti-Transient System).

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Citizen Soldier

(this is inspired by, and partly borrowed from, a speech from
the TV show “Colony”, with a little of this and that borrowed
from here and there, for good measure, wrapped in inevitability)

We, the People, are under attack. As is our beloved country, the United States of America.

But our enemy didn’t come from overseas (or from the South). And they are not Muslims. Our enemy was already here. Most of them are self-proclaimed so-called “Christians”. They are not foreign enemies, they are domestic enemies. Not only have they shown their true colors, but they fly them shamelessly.

The ONCE-GOP Republicans and Conservatives only needed one resource in order to achieve and maintain control of our country, and we surrendered it to them without a fight. Make no mistake, the occupation of our government is rooted in moral compromise. Men and women who have told themselves that the only way to survive is to join the enemy, that the treasons they have committed against their own kind and their country are justifiable. That they had no other choice. Others seek corrupt greed and power lust, at all costs, without responsibility or accountability.

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An Editorial for the Ages

I find it hysterically hilarious when I “meet” a ONCE-GOP Republican/Conservative SUBporter of Depressident trumPsycho (aka trumpito), and I point out that they are an ignorant, organically stupid, self-based, generally unkind & uncaring, lacking in compassion and empathy, low-intellect, low-class, low-rent, low-life, indecent, uncouth, disgraceful, disgusting, shameful, deplorable, worthless, toxic, scumbaggy, petty sub-human being, and they think they are not.

It is VERY sad, because they are Oh, SO wrong. (they may have to mix & match some of the descriptives above, to give some of them the benefit of the doubt, though it’s always levels and degrees and manners, and more of them apply than fewer, in most cases)

They are basically mind-broken, with light to egregious sociopathic tendencies. They are mentally and emotionally violent, and on the constant edge of physical violence. They tend to be unabashed bullies, who thrive on the discomfort and pain and suffering of others, often finding it humorous. They tend to be overly selfish, self-centered, self-interested, self-absorbed, self-entitled, and exhibit self-destructive behaviors and attitudes in the extreme. (and the VERY FEW who are at least minimally intelligent

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The Jim Jefferies Show

One of the best political humor shows on TV. (weekly on Comedy Central before The Daily Show) He is often LOL funny.

He’s actually better than Last Week Tonight with John Oliver on HBO. (not easy to do – that means that he’s better than most, if not all, other political humor TV shows)–2017—charlottesville-white-supremacist-rally-season-1-ep-110