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Happy 9/11 Anniversary

Or, actually, Happy 9/11 Truth and Justice Movement Day.

(for those who are of lesser brainpower and/or awareness, and/or greater ignorance and asininity and the like, it should always be assumed that ‘Happy’ should be in quotes, and that anyone who would say such a thing is being facetious, at least, and bitter in a jaded way, at best)

It’s hard to believe it’s been 16 years. Or, as any 9/11 Truth and Justice Movement activist worth their salt would say, ‘Sixteen Fucking Years!’ (which is 7 years past what I referred to as the Fabled 10-Year Anniversary – one day we will hopefully finally accept the Oh-So-Important Reality of “Always Vigilant, Never Again“)

And for me, personally, about 13 years of 9/11 Truth & Justice Movement activism (+/-). Also hard to believe. It took me a few+ years to jump on the bandwagon, because I don’t accept these things easily or take them lightly. So I kept an eye on the “conspiracy theories” and all that over the years, but, finally, had to accept the most probable truth of the matter. (my breaking point was then I finally saw the Word Trade Center 7 obvious explosive controlled demolition video (see below), where is falls at freefall acceleration into its own footprint, which I couldn’t believe had taken me about 4 years to ‘discover’, which wasn’t entirely my fault – also hard to believe so many people have still not seen that video at this late date – boggles the mind a bit)

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GeoEngineering Is Causing Lethal UV Radiation Exposure

Yes, the Sun on your skin DOES “feel hotter” than it used to. Here’s why. (and, No, it is NOT a good situation, by far)

Happy Easter, Jesus Christ

(I wrote this and never published it, so I went over it again, and here it is)

I am NOT a Christian. (or a “Christian”)

I thought about becoming a Christian, but then I realized I would be the only one.


As my first aside, I did create my own “religion”, of sorts, of which I am the only (official) member. It is called Aquarianis. Or, The New Age Mystic Order of the Aquarian Knowledge of The Christ Ideals. (where “christ” is literally translated as “The Chosen One(s)”) It is probably best described as a New Age form of neo-modern pseudo-‘Xtianity’ based on the concepts and precepts of primitive Christianity (+/-) with a paranormal, supernatural, and mystical flavor. (although, actually, associating it in any way, shape, or form with ‘Xtianity’ more or less does it a disservice) It has more to do with spirituality, especially True Spirituality, than “religion”, although is does have dogmatic elements. It is meant to be as “pure” as possible, though. Aquarianis translates loosely from the Latin as “for all Aquarians”. This alludes to the Age of Aquarius, which we are in, or starting, depending on how you like to interpret such things. Probably close enough for Government work to call it a Go at this point. Perhaps I’ll talk more about this in another journaling. Link:

This entry is not about Aquarianis, it is a book review, of sorts, of a literary tome titled, “The Vegetarianism of Jesus Christ : The Pacifism, Communalism and Vegetarianism of Primitive Christianity“, by Dr. Charles P. Vaclavik, publish 1986. It was re-published under a different title, with added material, as “The Origin of Christianity : The Pacifism, Communalism and Vegetarianism of Primitive Christianity” in 1989. I have not read the revised edition.

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