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Sick and Tired

I am seriously getting SICK and TIRED of this BULLSHIT.

When will ENOUGH be ENOUGH?!?

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The Pumpkin

Happy Halloween 2017

Late because I forgot to do this.

Submission for the 2017 CN&R Fiction-59 writing contest in Chico, CA.
It’s not easy to write a GOOD 59-word story.

Lady Godiva 2017

#MeToo #MeTooSupport #MeTooSupporter #MeTooStrong

A March of Terror Across America

Donald Trump is A Terrorist.

My fervent #HOPE is that #donaldtrump is #legally and #lawfully #EXECUTED for #Treason.

#trump #IMPEACH45 #fml

Donald Trump is well into his March of Terror across America,
not unlike Adolph Hitler and his Fascist Regime in Europe.

Trump should be tried in a court of law, found guilty, impeached,
removed from office, jailed, and then executed for his Treason.

The Legal, Lawful Punishment for Treason is Death.

Storybook Cottage By The Sea

This is a cool “Tiny House”.