Diamantine Clarity is the b’jou of Popeye Theophilus Barrnumb, Esq. — You may call me Popeye.

The sub-title, A Lucid Dream b’jou for The Unwashed Masses, is quite apropos. (this may transmogrify over time)

It falls under my Popeye Uncensored rubric due to the sometimes extreme, edgy, no-bars-held ‘voice’ and content.

Within these hallowed halls and fortified walls of wisdom and pristine clarity you shall find verbiage unlike any found elsewhere on the Internets [sic], the InterWebs, the so-called World Wide Web, throughout CyberSpace, or in other mass-media and tomes of higher learning and baser self-indulgence. Among these pearlesque meanderings shall be found mountains of Truth, boulders of Justice, flavorings of The American Way, and a soupçon of humoristic wit. With usually more than a little Satire, Parody, and Performance Art (at its finest) thrown in for good measure. Count on it.

Now . . . . Let the fun begin!

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(pronounced bee-zhoo (like Bijou, as in theater or cinema, or bijou) = web journal :: a linguistic picture in motion worth well-more than 1,000 words)

[ di•a•man•tine — diamond-like; diamantine clarity — purest, sharpest, pristine clarity ]

Nota Bene: This is not a ‘blog’. If you refer to it as a blog, you will be keel hauled, drawn and quartered, spat upon, and fed to the crows. Then we will have a discussion about your mother. And then and only then and thereafter will you begin to feel real pain, whereupon your agony-laced begging shall begin in earnest.