An actual coup has been enacted against the United States of America, and trump is the witless semi-unwitting accomplice.
(Ignorance is NO excuse; he IS GUILTY)

trump is mentally ill, psychologically unstable, and seems to be exhibiting some form of dementia.
trump is a pathological liar and is ‘suffering’ from Malignant Narcissistic Personality Toxicity Disorder, at BEST.

And, like all sociopaths, he is inflicting all of it on others, in this case, America herself, our citizens, and the World.

(including those who are too ignorant and self-destructive to realize, understand, and see what is going on, a.k.a. his supporters, most of whom deserve all the bad things life has to offer for their ILLk [sicK])

trump is an ignorant, con man KLOWN who SHITS on America, Americans, the U.S. Constitution, and all Good and Decent things that America used to stand for, on a DAILY basis.

My most fervent HOPE and desire are that donald trump is legally and lawfully EXECUTED for Treason.
(I am anti-Death Penalty except in this ONE instance)

And similarly for all the other UnPatriotic UnAmerican DREGS of UnSociety who support him and have turned America into UNamerica.

#MakeAmericaAMERICAagain #MAAA

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