It’s nice to know that others are finally speaking out frankly and vociferously, and trying to do something, and seeing the situation for how bad it truly is. There is actually true insanity involved in this situation. That has become very clear. trump is A Clear and Present Danger to the United States of America, or as it has become, and will continue to become, UNamerica.

Psychologist John Gartner: Why the Mueller probe makes Trump dangerous

The co-founder of Duty to Warn says “there is an 80 percent chance [Trump is] going to push that nuclear button”

Why the Mueller probe makes Trump dangerous

“The Duty to Warn political advocacy group is deeply alarmed by Donald Trump’s behavior — almost pathological and continual lying, detachment from reality, mood swings, violent behavior, extreme narcissism, bullying and boasts about committing sexual assault — and what it suggests about his mental health.”

“In February of 2017, the group’s co-founder, psychologist John Gartner, submitted an open letter to The New York Times which suggested that Donald Trump is mentally unfit to be president of the United States.”

• How do Trump’s moods impact his ability to be a responsible leader?
• Why are Trump’s voters so attracted to his violent, ignorant and crass behavior?
• How does Trump’s malignant narcissism increase the likelihood that he could initiate a conventional, or perhaps even, a nuclear war?
• In what ways is Donald Trump and his administration damaging the mental health of the American people?

“I don’t think people have any idea how close we are the point of no return, … I think that there is an 80 percent chance he’s going to push that nuclear button. Why? Number one, Trump is a malignant narcissist. As far as I know, I cannot recall a single malignant narcissist in history who did not start a major war.”

“Now add one more factor, that under the surface, this Mueller investigation is turning him and his family into cornered animals,” Gartner continued. “They are guilty of treason, guilty of money laundering, guilty of collusion, guilty of obstruction of justice. They are guilty as sin and they know it. The noose is tightening around their necks and unlike Richard Nixon Trump and his cabal are not going to leave gracefully. Donald Trump is going to be really like Bonnie and Clyde; he’s going to shoot his way out. The best way for him to shoot his way out is to start a war and distract from his misdeeds, rally the country behind him, and most importantly from a psychological perspective, to transform the feeling of being a weak victim of a massive criminal investigation into that of an omnipotent destructive and powerful leader by destroying and killing millions of people.”

Trump’s authoritarian behavior and political agenda are only made worse by his mental health, dysfunctional personality and other problematic behavior. Gartner warns that “Trump is a narcissist, paranoid and demonizes anyone who opposes him. Trump has an antisocial personality — otherwise known as sociopathy. Sadism is another part of this dynamic. These are people who truly get pleasure from harming and hurting and degrading other people. Trump feels powerful when he destroys and degrades and bullies other people. It’s a rush for him, it’s exciting, it’s gratifying, he gets off on it. That kind of dark energy is also infectious. We saw this at Trump’s rallies when he would encourage violence against protesters and other people.”

I’ve never been so glad to not have children, much less grandchildren. And, although on the one hand it is nice to be old enough that none of this will really affect me, effectively if not actually, it is unfortunate that I am not younger with the youth, vitality, and energy to Fight the Good Fight that is needed now more than ever in the history of the United States. I can only hope that more young people finally get a clue and step up and do the right thing and put UNamerica on a course back to being the America that has always been (in the ideal, and in reality). None of us TRUE Patriots ever thought it would come to this or be this bad. America needs to revert back to attempted and in many ways achieved goodness, decency, kindness, caring, empathy, compassion, non-violence, and related characteristics and traits that we have always sought to be. We need to Make America AMERICA Again! #MakeAmericaAMERICAagain #MAAA