Although let’s be TRUTHFUL and FACTUAL.
You can tell by the shadows in the photo that he was NOT touching her.
He did NOT “grab her breasts”.
(remember when truth and facts and reality were kind of important things?)

The photo by itself is a stupid, immature, school boy prank that is relatively harmless.
(EXCEPT for the fact that he was basically “at work”, so it is VERY unprofessional? the question mark is there because he is a comedian, and comedians generally have a different sense of humor than other people, especially if they are “edgy” and push limits and that sort of thing, which Franken does do)
Is anyone else surprised that ANY comic is “immature”? (male OR female)
(or ANY person, really, male AND female, pretty much across the board)

With the other stuff, it takes on a potentially more sinister tone. That is, “getting back at her”, which is known as “retaliation” in the world of sexual harassment and the like.

And why isn’t anyone talking about him being married at the time??
I haven’t read everything about this in detail, skimmed most of it, but I don’t remember him apologizing to his wife.

Hopefully some good will FINALLY come from all this CRAP.

But if you want to hear WAY TOO MANY, RELENTLESS, HORRENDOUS, CONTINUING stories about this type of crap, just look into what’s been going on in the U.S. Forest Service for the last 30+ years. (and way before that)

Which basically “NOBODY” gave two SHITS about. And I wonder if they do now.
Or will in the future. And if so, for how long? And will anything really be done about it?
(like the nothing that has been done about it for DECADES)

ALSO, this “One Strike and You’re OUT” BULLSHIT has GOT to END.
People NEED to be able to make mistakes, even egregious mistakes, +/-, and be able to apologize, and make amends, and move forward. If and/or when it becomes a “Pattern and Practice”, or multiple instances, or “(overly) egregious” (?),THEN there is a REAL problem, and THAT is when something needs to be done, people need to be removed, fired, etc…