Like 9/11 was “A New Pearl Harbor”, the next False Flag attack on the United States will be “A New 9/11”.

It’s been almost 20 years, so it’s about time. “Some” would probably say it is ‘past time’. And, no doubt, “some” would say it is a ‘good time’.

Especially considering what’s happened the last year or so.

They’ve used planes, so if only in a creative sense, they will most likely use something else next time. (maybe)

Oklahoma City used a Ryder truck, as did the 1993 WTC bombing. I guess U-Haul needs to up their advertising game. (or lower their prices? — terrorist funder pocketbooks aren’t bottomless, you know)

Considering the more-than-a-little-scary penchant and interest in nuclear weapons and actually using them by Trump, that is very likely a strong possibility. Add in the North Korea bullshit, as well as the apparent extreme desire for “someone” in the U.S. Government and related extra-governmental influences and interest in destroying Iran, and Bob’s Your Uncle. The Nuclear Option is as good as any other, and possibly ‘better’ than most others, if not all of them.

But the point is, somebody has to be blamed for it all. You busy Thursday night? Next month? The Holiday Season would probably be optimal in its own way — screw with Americans’ holidays and there WILL be Hell to pay! And if we make it through that (there is a financial issue involved there, as well, so…) enjoy Thanksgiving and Christmas this year, they may literally be your last.

If Trump doesn’t like your city or state, that does not bode well. You would think ‘they’ would stop beating up on New York, although NY is overall pretty much anti-Trump, so that does not bode well for them at all. Poor NY. “New York Strong”, am I right? Start making the bumper stickers and coffee cups and posters now. (and the population in that area may want to start purchasing some survival equipment that is radiation-based)

Or maybe it’s time for the West Coast now. Trump definitely doesn’t like California. Since a larger city population would probably be targeted, that more or less suggests Sacramento, Los Angeles, San Francisco, or San Diego. Or how about Oroville Dam, which is most likely not long for this world, so that would solve that problem, as well as pretty much fuck California pretty good. We know “they” like to get multiple returns on their investment. American exceptionalism at its best.

As we know all-to-well, literally ANYTHING is possible these days. Apparently. Literally anything. And so it will.

You heard it here first. Count on it.

What? You want to live forever?