No, Dumbasses, the Government Didn’t Cause Hurricane Irma With Its Secret Weather Machine

I’m no fan of the HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) theories as they pertain to GeoEngineering, but nothing would surprise me at this late date.

Except the above headline at The Daily Beast. That was a bit surprising. They also used a sub-headline of “The Truth Is Out Derp”.

How embarrassing in the extreme for a so-called “real news” website. How did they let this / these infantile headline(s) be used? Seriously?? Maybe this is okay, or even de rigueur, in the Age of trump. Or, someone over there needs to be fired, or something. (yeah, probably the latter — the front page link shows “No, Idiots, the Pentagon Didn’t Create Irma With a Machine” – that is an interesting alternate headline in and of itself, as well)

Unfortunately, as is becoming more and more common these daze [sicK], there is no way to comment on their content. Talk about a convenient inconvenient truth.

So, was this “article” written by some ‘idiot’, or an Useful Idiot spouting crap-propaganda, or a plant of some sort, or ‘suggested’ by ‘someone’ as an attack against Anti-GeoEngineering, and/or the Anti-GeoEngineering Movement? (and its activists and supporters and such) Or, worse, by some wanna-be “pseudo-skeptic” and/or “pseudo-debunker”? We will never know. But it is more than a bit suspicious, if only for the reasons cited above. (the “article” was supposedly written by some ass-moron named David Axe)

As for the “article” content, it is typical he-said, she-said, and typical opinion proffered as ‘fact’ and ‘truth’ and ‘reality’, and “please don’t look into this further because you will quickly and easily uncover our shallow research and assertions and quasi-facts and skewed and biased ‘reporting’ and the like”. Or perhaps, based on the headlines and such, it is just a very poor and failed attempt at humor? Most of those conjectures possibly or probably give ‘them’ too much credit.

When you see crap like this, you really have to wonder about all of the other content at The Daily Beast and other websites like them, and just how truthful and factual and reality-based are they all? Unfortunately, probably not so much. Which is not a surprise at all.