(this is inspired by, and partly borrowed from, a speech from
the TV show “Colony”, with a little of this and that borrowed
from here and there, for good measure, wrapped in inevitability)

We, the People, are under attack. As is our beloved country, the United States of America.

But our enemy didn’t come from overseas (or from the South). And they are not Muslims. Our enemy was already here. Most of them are self-proclaimed so-called “Christians”. They are not foreign enemies, they are domestic enemies. Not only have they shown their true colors, but they fly them shamelessly.

The ONCE-GOP Republicans and Conservatives only needed one resource in order to achieve and maintain control of our country, and we surrendered it to them without a fight. Make no mistake, the occupation of our government is rooted in moral compromise. Men and women who have told themselves that the only way to survive is to join the enemy, that the treasons they have committed against their own kind and their country are justifiable. That they had no other choice. Others seek corrupt greed and power lust, at all costs, without responsibility or accountability.

Without this resource, without their collaborators, Donald Trump, his administration, and the occupiers of Congress and other seats of state and local governance, would be powerless. We are the architects of our own oppression. But we all have the power to disarm the enemy, to starve them of the collaborators they need. We only need to unite, behind The Wall of our absolute righteous decency, and all that America truly stands for, and always has. (not the false America the enemy is attempting to create via self-destructive devastation in the attempt to take us down with them)

We now find ourselves at a time when collaboration becomes one of the greatest of all sins, requiring the most stringent reprisals for this heinous act.

If you collaborate – you ‘die’. (as in, ‘you are dead to me’)

They shall wither away in their own myopic asininity. They shall be sidelined and marginalized at every opportunity. Their hideous ideas, beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors shall decay and putrefy and no longer be condoned or ignored, or be normalized in any way, shape, or form. They shall be spoken out against vocally and vociferously, without compromise or apology. They shall be shouted down and not allowed to spread their ugly mind-filth. Or be allowed to cement their effectively evil manifestations in Reality. No quarter given, and shown only the barest of mercies they barely deserve.

Their infantile, childish, juvenile, and overly immature, self-based conduct and true selves can no longer be allowed to exist in our world.

They shall be put in their place, like the adult-children they are and choose to be, and not allowed to come out to ‘play’ until they can show that they have grown enough that they can do so with at least minimal genuine kindness and caring for ALL, acceptable levels of compassion and empathy, hearts and minds embracing decency, and non-violence toward all, in all ways. (mentally, emotionally, and physically) With Equality for ALL.

No longer will they be allowed to hide behind their false Political Correctness (or their “religion”) – they WILL embrace Ethical Correctness, or they will choke on it. Their iniquities shall be laid bare for all to see and find shame.

The collaborators shall be condemned, banished from the face of American polite society, and shunned until they have learned their lesson. Tough Love shall be the rule of the day. The Truth shall set us all free.

Resistance is becoming futile. The 2nd American Revolution is calling your name.

Bold action by honest, truly decent, brave, courageous, truly patriotic men and women is needed. It is time to bear our duty with honor and valor.

The Uncivil War has begun. A call to ‘arms’ is heralded on the battlefield of hearts, minds and souls. Let this be our last battlefield. We will win or we are ALL doomed.

You don’t fuck with America, and you don’t fuck with Americans. (REAL Americans, not the fake UN-American NON-Patriots we are talking about, who are petty, ignorant, and impotent) That is why we have already won. Victory is ours for the taking.

Never give up, never surrender. #NGUNS

via: https://www.dailykos.com/stories/2017/3/24/1646969/-Citizen-Soldier