I find it hysterically hilarious when I “meet” a ONCE-GOP Republican/Conservative SUBporter of Depressident trumPsycho (aka trumpito), and I point out that they are an ignorant, organically stupid, self-based, generally unkind & uncaring, lacking in compassion and empathy, low-intellect, low-class, low-rent, low-life, indecent, uncouth, disgraceful, disgusting, shameful, deplorable, worthless, toxic, scumbaggy, petty sub-human being, and they think they are not.

It is VERY sad, because they are Oh, SO wrong. (they may have to mix & match some of the descriptives above, to give some of them the benefit of the doubt, though it’s always levels and degrees and manners, and more of them apply than fewer, in most cases)

They are basically mind-broken, with light to egregious sociopathic tendencies. They are mentally and emotionally violent, and on the constant edge of physical violence. They tend to be unabashed bullies, who thrive on the discomfort and pain and suffering of others, often finding it humorous. They tend to be overly selfish, self-centered, self-interested, self-absorbed, self-entitled, and exhibit self-destructive behaviors and attitudes in the extreme. (and the VERY FEW who are at least minimally intelligent

(most often pseudo-intellectual) tend to be undeservedly egotistical and self-embarrassingly arrogant, plus that intelligence is utterly overshadowed by all the rest of their questionable and distasteful traits and characteristics, to the point where it doesn’t even matter that they have some minor ‘smartness’)

Most of them wallow in their highly irrational thinking and beliefs, especially those who color their lives with religious BELIEFS to the point where they are anti-social, anti-intellect, and anti-Reality.

All of this is in part due to them being infantile, childish, juvenile, and overly immature.

They also are not true Americans in the sense that it has always been understood, and striven for, for centuries, and they are therefore Un-American and Un-Patriotic, some of them (too many) to the point of being treasonous traitors.

These are the reasons why ‘we’ cannot have an intelligent, rational, reasoned, logical, objective, caring-based and critical thinking-based discussion with them, because they are none of those things, and worse, which is also why you can’t “work with them”, or try for something like “can’t we all just get along” (which is actually a child’s sentiment), because they have NO interest in doing so. (and probably no ability)

“We” have tried that crap for DECADES now, and look where it has gotten us. Time to “try something ‘new’ “. This has all gone WAY beyond the pale — in fact, it is so bad that one literally has trouble finding words to describe how terrible, disgusting, disgraceful, and horrendous it all is. It is literally that bad, sans hyperbole.

Which is why, if, on the day you die, the world is a better place due to your absence, then you have failed miserably as a minimally decent human being.
So far they have ALL failed epically in that sense.
Good riddance.

Planet Earth needs to be rid of these Shit Monkeys. I see no other viable alternative. Or they will suck us down into the putrid muck that is destroying America and all the good things it has always stood for. (attempted in the ideal, too often falling short — but now it is distressingly tragic due to who they ALL are, and what they choose to be, and what they are doing, and have done)

via: https://www.dailykos.com/stories/2017/3/17/1644711/-An-Editorial-for-the-Ages