Diamantine Clarity is the b’jou of Popeye Theophilus Barrnumb, Esq. — You may call me Popeye.

The sub-title, A Lucid Dream b’jou for The Unwashed Masses, is quite apropos. (this may transmogrify over time)

Within these hallowed halls and fortified walls of wisdom and pristine clarity you shall find verbiage unlike any found elsewhere on the Internets [sic], the so-called World Wide Web, throughout CyberSpace, or in other mass-media and tomes of higher learning and baser self-indulgence. Among these pearlesque meanderings shall be found mountains of Truth, boulders of Justice, flavorings of The American Way, and a soupçon of humoristic wit. Count on it.

Now . . . . Let the fun begin!


(pronounced bee-zhoo (like Bijou, as in theater or cinema, or bijou) = web journal :: a linguistic picture in motion worth well-more than 1,000 words)

[ di•a•man•tine — diamond-like; diamantine clarity — purest, sharpest, pristine clarity ]

Nota Bene: This is not a ‘blog’. If you refer to it as a blog, you will be keel hauled, drawn and quartered, spat upon, and fed to the crows. Then we will have a discussion about your mother. And then and only then and thereafter will you begin to feel real pain, whereupon your agony-laced begging shall begin in earnest.